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The TGL management team consists of industry veterans as well as younger, talented managers who are experts in rubber and metal technologies and enterprise management. Together, this excellent team of professionals maintains and promotes the company’s international reputation and is taking it to the next stage of developments at the forefront of technology.

Brigadier General (Ret.) Yaron Livnat – Active Chairman

Mr. Livnat was appointed Active Chairman of TGL in June 2015.. Previously, he was co-CEO of Plasan - Sasa, an armored vehicle industry.  Mr. Livnat served 28 years in the IDF, most of his career in tank development. His last position was head of the Merkava Tank program in the Ministry of Defense. Mr. Livnat holds Academic degrees of Msc systems Engineering and Bsc Electrical Engineering


Tal Dekel – CEO

Mr. Dekel joined TGL in 2010 and was appointed as CEO in July 2012. Previously, Mr. Dekel was MD of Dolm-Pelshar Ltd., and Vice President in the Pelmar Group. Mr. Dekel has an MBA and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering.

Tomer Margalit – VP Operations

Mr. Margalit joined TGL in 2003 and has filled several positions in the company. In 2008, he was appointed VP Operations. He has a BA in Business Administration.

Lior Cohen – CFO

Mr. Cohen joined TGL in 2011 to head the company’s Finance Division. Previously, Mr. Cohen was CFO and Financial Planning Manager and Treasurer at Tadiran Carrier. He has an MBA and a BA in Economics.

Shai Costis– Technologist

Mr. Costis  joined TGL in 2012 to manage the company’s R&D Division and TGL's rubber mixing facility. A Process Engineer, he has a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering.



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