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TGL’s customers require very technological, high-quality products of specific shapes and sizes. Leveraging our many years of experience and vast knowledge in the field, we develop, manufacture and adapt the most suitable products to the needs of each specific customer and functional use.

TGL’s professionals meet with the customers to understand their needs and requirements. The expertise and knowledge of our R&D department enable us to assimilate the customer’s requests and offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

TGL works in collaboration with its customers from product definition through development to delivery. Our rubber and metal divisions are among the most modern and cutting edge in the field, with full control over the performance and quality of each product. This ensures that our customers obtain products of the highest quality, with optimum performance and to their full satisfaction.
TGL has an ERP system in place for integrating and supporting our quality system.

Among the company’s customers are the IDF, the Israeli Police, Beth-El industries, Israel Railways,BAE, GDLS, Raphael, Elbit, the US Army.


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