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TGL is a major producer of rubber-to-metal-bonding products for the military and civilian markets. The company’s top experts in rubber and metal technologies, as well as its modern facilities, top-of-the line laboratories, and variety of standards-compliant test equipment and production machines ensure that our products adhere to efficient processes and comply with the strictest quality standards.

TGL’s divisions design, develop and manufacture rubber and metal products and rubber compounds for military armored vehicle suspension systems. Always attuned to the needs of the market, the company produces, among many others:

  • Track-shoe assemblies
  • Pad assemblies
  • Road wheels
  • Idler wheels
  • Sprockets
  • NBC parts
  • Armor protection
  • Suspension parts, shock absorbers
  • Road-expansion seams
  • Rubber compounds
TGL quality assurance standards comply with the requirements of the IDF, US Army, US Navy and US Marines and MIL standards. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified for the design and production of solutions for both the military and commercial markets, and is an approved supplier to the IDF and the US Army (Cage Code 3197A).



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