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TGL is specialized in the production and renovation of track shoes for many types of vehicles. Its main track shoe assembly products are T-130, T-132, T-136 and T-142, which are suitable for a variety of armored tracked vehicles as heavy main battle tanks, armored personal carriers, armor recovery vehicles, self-propelled artillery, Infantry Fighting Vehicles and combat engineered vehicles.



M88/M51/M103 Pin Assy.
M88/M51/M103 Pin Assy.
M1 Pin Assy
M1 Pin Assy

TGL-SP track shoe systems are also suitable to wide range of USA & NATO platforms, such as Leonidas, Leopard 1, Leopard 2, M1 Abrams, M4 Sherman, M24, M60, M88 M109, and M113, AMX-13, AMX-10, AMX-30, Puma, Scorpion Tank, Le Clerc AMX-56 , Merkava, Bergepanzer BPz3, Panzerschnellbrucke 2, Pionierpanzer 3 Kodiak, as well as Half Track landvehicles.


 It also produces track shoe assemblies to the Soviet Main Battle Vehicles as T80U, T-90 as well as Soviet A.P.C platforms as BTR-80 and BTR-70 and infantry fighting vehicle as the BMP 1,2 and 3.

By its accumulated experience and the know-how gained in production of rubber compounds, it

has perfectly applied the knowledge in production of bonded rubber to metal track shoes which

provide outstanding performance on different terrains and superior quality which are second to


In addition to the supply of complete track shoes, TGL is able to supply sub-assemblies, such as short and long bushings and rubber pad assemblies. It is also capable to manufacture the complementary parts of track suspension systems as sprockets and road wheels.

The tracks are manufactured according to international standards, while the rubber compound is adapted to the specific application and use of each client. TGL understand its customer and suggest technological improvements for the existing products to enhance its performance and extend product’s shelf life, reduce wear and increase resistance.

TGL works according to the most stringent quality assurance procedures from inspection of material from external supplier to quality verifications in each production station. Ensuring testing of all product stages, TGL meets the requirements of the IDF,US Army, US Navy and US Marines and MIL Standards. It is ISO 9001:2000 certified for the military commercial markets and is an approved supplier of both the IDF and the USD Army (Cage code SZ677).


TGL S.P Track Shoe Assemblies are supplied as single track shoe, and up to a complete link assembly used by both military and civilian customers around the world.


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