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Waterstops for Concrete Joints

TGL-SP’s Expandable waterstop strip is designed to stop water infiltration through concrete construction joints. It expands immediately upon first contact with water and fills the void and cracking, forming filler throughout the leaking path that seals against the concrete walls.

At the moment of hydration, the seal expands up to three times its size in an open area but is limited to controlled expansion within the concrete joints.

The effectiveness of this durable waterstops is achieved by high content of sodium bentonite mixed with butyl rubber, which provides outstanding swelling performance. It is designed to replace commonly used plastic or rubber waterstops by eliminating the need for additional metal segments and frame-work.

Concrete Expansion Joint Filler
Concrete Expansion Joint Filler

For over 15 years of proven experience at waterstop in-house production, TGL-SP’s has built a reputation to supply reliable waterproofing systems for concrete construction joints. It offers cost-effective solution with guarantee of quality and service.

TGL’s waterstop can easily be installed on spot by the construction worker. It is designed light weighted and comes in various sizes, flexible and has ability to adhere to concrete and all type of alloys rather simply.

WaterStop Positioning – General Application scheme


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