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Founded in 1952, TGL is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of rubber compounds for metal bonding products for the defense and commercial industries. The company combines its strong in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise with its internationally renowned and field-proven reputation to produce and provide high-quality suspension systems, road wheels, sprocket wheels, track shoes and other rubber, rubber to metal and -metal products to defense forces worldwide, including the US Army, NATO and IDF.

TGL offers unique and cutting-edge technologies for rubber to metal bonding, and boasts a modern, fully automated rubber compounding manufacturing facility that complies with international quality-assurance standards. TGL also has a specialized lab with highly qualified professionals who are trained to design and custom manufacture products and solutions based on the specific needs of each customer and application.

TGL draws on the accumulated knowledge and expertise of its professionals and on its top-of-the-line facilities and equipment to produce and supply high-quality and dependable products that comply with the strictest standards. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2000.

TGL’s Technical Rubber Division specializes in various rubber and polyurethane products, including joint seals, elastomer bearings, rubber profiles and fenders. The Metal Division, on the other hand, is dedicated to various mechanical technologies like hydraulic pressing, overlap cutting and welding to produce metal rims and wear plates for road wheels, sprockets and other end products.

TGL is owned by Elbit Systems Ltd., a leading international manufacturer of integrated defense products and solutions, and Pelmar Engineering Ltd., a major supplier of new, preowned and refurbished machinery for the polymer industry.


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