TGL employs minorities and new immigrants

Over the last 60 years, Israeli society has become more and more diverse, with significant effects at all levels.
TGL SP management embraced a multicultural approach to diversity and nowadays, there is an extra emphasis to integrate more and more minorities, both men and women, within our workforce and including new immigrants.

TGL SP support the integration of minorities within the Israeli society by investing in their training. Integrating minority sectors is essential for leveraging the Israeli economy, for integrating the minorities society in Israeli society and for closing the gaps between the periphery and the center. TGL management, has given, and will continue to give, the necessary tools for this effort to be realized, including and not limited to the Hebrew language programs, general educations classes and a range of financial support for these employees.

“All workers are equals”

TGL SP initiated a unique working programs for employees with disabilities and to integrate them within the company .This program enables disabled people to acquire a profession in one of the productions fields at TGL SP and to be trained up to a very high level. This unique program proved successfully due to the fact that TGL SP removed barriers that prevent disabled people to work, such as easy access to the production floor, modification of the production process so that disabled people can do the job despite their physical and emotional difficulties. Currently, we are proud to say that 5% of TGL SP employees are disabled people that started to work after years of being unemployed and supported by the government!

“We learn that they are loyal and efficient above average employee’s” Says Tal Dekel, TGL CEO

He also adds that “people with disabilities improves corporate culture”.