TGL-SP Bentoseal © Waterstop for Concrete Joints

TGL-SP’s Bentoseal © is an elastic engineered rubber concrete expansion joint filler made of a special mixture containing sodium bentonite and butyl rubber, formulated to stop water intrusion through voids and cracks in concrete joints. This strips acts as water barrier and can easily be applied onto the substrate and follow its profile shape upon contact with water.
While exposed to water, it swells and expands multiple times its original volume, forming a continuous compressed sealant within and along the structure concrete joints. TGL waterstop has unlimited life which acts as watertight sealant throughout the leaking path preventing any further penetration of water.


  • Contain Considerable amount of butyl rubber
  • Ability to withstand rainfall and water for substantial period of time, after application and prior to the next concrete pour.
  • Proven as highly reliable in waterproofing systems
  • High flexibility
  • High level of swelling capacity
  • Reversible swelling action
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy and simple to apply
  • Saves metal forming work
  • Easy and quick installation

Typical Applications:

  • Concrete Foundations joints
  • Concrete Floors and walls joints
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Slabs
  • Waste water and Sewage treatment plants
  • Underground structures
  • Tunnel Water lining
  • Hoses and piping connections
  • Water tanks and reservoirs