Self Propelled Artillery, In service from Early 1960s -Late 1970s
The M107 also named as self-propelled howitzer was first introduced in the mid-1960. On combat operation the M107 is operated by a team of 13, of which the (commander, driver and three gunners) are carried on the vehicle itself, the rest are carried on the ground M548 unarmored tracked cargo carrier, which also carries the ammunition.

The 175 mm ammunition used by the M107 is the separate loading type; two rounds are carried on the vehicle and the rest in the supporting unarmored tracked cargo vehicle. The normal rate of fire is one round every 2 minutes although 2 rounds per minute can be fired for short periods (it is necessary to allow the barrel to cool down). When travelling, the barrel is retracted slightly to the rear to reduce the overall length of the complete vehicle. Mounted at the rear of the chassis is a large hydraulically operated spade, which is positioned before firing begins. The M107 could fire shells to a maximum range of 40,000 m.

The suspensions systems on either side consist of five dual rubber-tyred road wheels with the drive sprocket at the front and the fifth road wheel acting as the idler. The tracks are of the single-pin type with removable rubber pads. TGL-SP is specialized in production of all related M107 track shoe parts, as well as road wheels and road wheels.